Maya Fluid to Gh

This test is about communication between Autodesk Maya and Rhino_Grasshopper. 
UDP communications protocol can be used to share wathever data you need between the two platforms in realtime.  This example send density values of a fluid system in Maya to Grasshopper. 

Density values are sent from Maya with a custom script in Python. In Grasshopper we can use gHowl UDP receiver  component to recive the data.

you can download the Python script and the Grasshopper definition here

in Maya:

# create the fluid in Maya and be sure that your fluid name is fluid1
# open the script editor and in Python tab load and run the script
# close the script editor
# open the Expression editor and write the expression:  python("MayaFluidtoGh()");
# choose create and close Expression editor

in Grasshopper:

# set fluid resolution the same of your fluid system in Maya 
# (for 2D fluid systems Z value is 1)
# you need gHowl installed on your Grasshopper to run the definition

now play the animation in Maya

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