BioLogic Workshop

DIY BIO-LOGIC WORKSHOP: Living structures and swarm bodies
Interactions between biological/digital computing – slime mold & digitally printed 2D patterns

Amsterdam, WAAG society
24.25 January 2014

The workshop will be a first approach to the reseach about possible interactions between digital and biological computation. During the workshop we will try to produce a series of living drawings that will be defined by the interaction of a numerically controlled distribution of organic material (designed generatively through the use of advanced computational techniques) and the spaceColonization/pathsOptimization capabilities of a particular living organism, the Physarum polycephalum (slime mold). Slime mold is an amazing organism whose behaviour is always oscillating between the one of a single creature and an incredibly organised swarm.
The aim of this experimental workshop is to design artificial systems combining digital strategies and living matter. During the workshop we will introduce you to a new methodology for printing organic-based-materials devloped specifically for the purpose of the workshop by Wasp project. Practice and experiment combined with lectures and discussions will be mixed during the two days. At the same time we will try to define the state of the art, identify possible directions for new developments and debate about the importance of these practices in contemporary society.

[.] Partners:
Maurizio Montalti (Officina Corpuscoli)
Sonja Bäumel (Studio Sonja Bäumel)
Mirko Daneluzzo & Tommaso Casucci (Co-de-iT)
WAAG Society

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