Studies for a stair

Thıs project is a personal exploration that started by a real necessity of renovation of a friend’s house on the hills inTuscany near Cavriglia (Italy).

The existing building is going to be divided in two part to have two different apartment. The idea is that one of the two apartment will be used by a young couple, the other will be probabily be given for lease.

Except for a little work of redistribution of the existing spaces, the only new addıtıon is a new staircase that will serve one of the two apartment, while the other is going to use the existing  stair.

I was asked to devlope a proposal for the stair but since the first  moments was clear that the stair would be builted on the base of a different project that uses prefabricated components, for this reason I had some free space for exploration.

The initial studies was based on a single structure that englobe the pillar, the stairs and part of the floor of the first level of the house.

A first analysis phase consisted on the simulation of principal stresses distribution  inside a limited volume area, under the pressure of  loads derived from the use of the stair and the first level floor and definied a set of possible anchor points in the existing structure.

On the base of the three dimensional vector field describing the principal stresses distribution, the material proprieties of the stair, was defined through the use of an agent base strategies to mediate between agents behaviour and the vector field proprieties.

This process define a structure that is more dense and massive where the principal stresses have high values and became more fibrous and dematerialized where principal stresses registered are low.

The treatment of the exterior surface of the structure was also studied to create variation between smooth and coarse surface that could give a secure foothold to the user that are going up to the stair.  

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