Procedural matter

The following tests are intended to explore matter as a procedural model defined on the base of a set of  algorithmical rules to create seamless patterns whose parameters can be arbitrarily varied to match infinitely different conditions.

In this case not any physical phenomena is simulated but a set of abstract conditions are defined, in particular the use of procedural textures is explored.

Procedural textures are largely used in computer graphics to generate arbitrary resolution images and simulate representation of natural elements on the base of mathematical algorithms. Those textures was primarily studied by Ken Perlin during the eighties. His original noise code is dated 1983.

Below is a series of procedural 3D formations produced combining noise functions with other mathematical expressions. 


code (noise original 1983 first version code)
Noise and Turbulence (introduction to perlin noise)
Perlin Noise (accurate description of noise functions)
echoechonoisenoise (amazing noise based design research by Dominik Strzelec)

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